While divided highways normally require building two

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high quality hermes birkin replica The I hermes birkin mirror replica 295 bridge, located a few hundred feet north of Tukey Bridge, carries more than 53,000 vehicles a day over Veranda Street, a two lane street that connects Portland Back Cove and Washington Avenue with Route 1 in Falmouth.Construction should begin in April 2020 and calls for closing the heavily traveled highway and diverting traffic onto the Maine Turnpike for one weekend in April 2021. Veranda Street will also be closed for five days in April 2021.While divided highways normally require building two replacement bridges, the new Veranda Street bridge will be built in one piece, with a single platform for the north and south bound lanes.Nina Fisher, the MDOT deputy commissioner, said the bridge replacement technique has been used at least twice in Maine, including Littlefields Bridge in Auburn over the Little Androscoggin River. Accelerated bridge construction is not uncommon, but is used more extensively in other parts of the country, Fisher said.According to the Federal Highway Administration, accelerated bridge or slide in bridge construction is a relatively new process that allows states to reduce the amount of on site construction time needed to build or replace bridges.The FHA says the technique can significantly hermes bracelet replica uk reduce traffic impacts, especially in urban centers with high traffic volume.notably, Department of Transportations can replace bridges within 48 to 72 hours and reduce planning and bridge construction efforts by years, the FHA says in a statement on its website. high quality hermes birkin replica

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